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Julien Nadaud


Senior Vice President Innovation

A recognized global visionary in eProcurement and spend management, Julien Nadaud was the Founder, Chairman and CEO of b-pack, which became part of Determine, Inc. in 2015, and Corcentric in 2019. In his role as Chief Product Officer of Determine and SVP of Innovation at Corcentric, Julien Nadaud’s focus is to create innovative technologies in strategic sourcing, supplier management, procure-to-pay and contract management that create new capabilities for customers. He is based in Atlanta, GA, and has teams in the US and Europe. As an acknowledged industry leader, Julien Nadaud’s impressive career of advanced innovations includes designing and implementing solutions at leading companies in the US, Europe and Asia. He designed the Determine Cloud Platform, which seamlessly integrates the full suite of modular source-to-pay and contract management solutions. He now focuses on experimenting and implementing new ideas leveraging artificial intelligence and blockchain. Prior to founding b-pack, Julien Nadaud was a product manager at Schneider Electric, responsible for the design of a new generation of nuclear safety software that is now used in almost every nuclear power generating station in the world.