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Sylvie Noël


Chief Procurement Officer, Covéa & Chairman of ADRA

Sylvie NOËL is the CPO of Covea, a mutual insurance group in France, and serves as the President of ADRA, the French Association of CPO and Purchasing Managers. Prior to Covea, Sylvie NOËL was Sales Director at Capgemini from 1997 to 2004, and Purchasing Manager at MAIF, a branch of the Covea group. Covéa, a leader in damage and liability insurance, protects one-in-three households in France thanks to its 21,000 employees dedicated to serving more than 11.5 million policyholders. With three strong brands, MAAF, MMA and GMF, Covéa is a solid, dynamic financial player: in 2018, its earned premiums came to €16.9 billion, with a capital €15.2 billion.